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Once upon a time Jack Carney offered a gift to Bill Hart for his **th Birthday.

   Being rock music multi-instrumentalists, 'a day in the recording studio' was Jack's idea of a present to Bill !

His stipulation was that I write an original song (The first time I'd ever done that!), take it into the studio, and

complete it mixed and mastered... It took 8 hours and here it is...

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asBmWyD2Ohc )

   That's how it all started. Since then H~C have each produced dozens of tracks for personal pleasure and leisure listening.

We share it all... now with you!


   Performing live as a duo however, they feature rock music's most popular classic material, full of fun and good times, putting smiles on lot's of faces.

Shirehead Studios

Lancaster Music Co-oporative

"Playing live classic rock"

Jack Carney

Bill Hart



Composition Title

Light From Darkness

D La V

Don't Stop The Train

Christmas Time

Nothin' Gonna Stop Me

Seasons Change

Mersey Sound Wave

Looking For The Lantern

I Don't Do

Little Box

Back Street Country Star

After Me After You

A Leeson Learned

Manchester Song

A Lesson Learned

A Twist In The Tale

Action Speaks Louder

Born A Winner

My Friend John

Listen To The Mersey Sound

Composition Title

Making Waves


Where Will I

Scary Dragons

Who Do You Think You Think You Are

Stop Asking For Easy

I've Got A Song

You Broke The Seal

Am Not Sexy


Push That Pedal Down

I Sure Would Be Delighted

Sleeping All Day

In Your Arms

Look Out Where The Wind Blows

We Say No

Heaven Isn't A Place


My Friend John

One Step Closer

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Composition Title


Performed by Will Wingit

Let's be Gay

Aye Maggie

World Famous In Wigan

A Not Christmas Christmas


Performed By AmeribritZ

What It'll Be Like

One Chance

When Two Worlds Rock

The Best Years Of Our Lives

We'll Be Rockin'

Written By...

Fred Bachman

Jack Carney

Bill Hart


Hart-Carney are a prolific songwriting and recording duo with 20 years of production of their own original material.

These songs are available on social media and to buy, etc, but have never been played live.

Now in rehearsal and scheduled for live performances in 2024, they will be playing at select intimate venues within England's NW Lancashire area.

Look out for more forthcoming, exciting and exclusive news.

07729 800 831